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Life, Love, & the pursuit of Justice for All in Louisville


This site is dedicated to the life and legacy of Christopher Allen Thieneman. Everything you ever wanted to know about Chris you can find here, and it is updated frequently to keep up with his many projects in Louisville and around the world.

Family Life covers Mr. Thieneman's Marriage(s), Current Status, Children, and extended family.

Professional & Career includes Education, Football Career, Businesses, and Plans for Future Developments in Louisville.

Political, Activism, & Achievements is where you will discover Chris's passion to help his community and neighbors in Louisville and beyond acheive justice and the truth.

Chris Thiememan, Nikki O' Cooper, Camryn Thieneman, Sydney Thieneman, Ila Thieneman, & Ira Thieneman pictured above. A blended family is a beautiful family when everyone loves each other as much as this one does.

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